NaNoWriMo Day 12

Time: Evening

Place: Restaurant

Medium: Pen & Paper

Word Count: 897

Total Word Count: 18,250

Highlight: Cute Scene Written!

Best Bit:

“Actually, I was wondering what to gift you on your birthday.” He mumbled in a low voice but the silent streets echoed even the heartbeats–his was definitely beating faster.

“Why do you want to gift me something on my birthday?” I asked, genuinely. I mean, Mom gifted me on my birthday so as to somehow get me on her side, which isn’t happening in the near future, and James and Sammy give me stuff because they love me. Others do too, but just for formality. After all, what would I do with so many keychains? And what’s up with people always gifting me keychains? I already have my heart locked up, what else do they want me to have keys for?

People, I tell you!

“Hello…” Adrian waved his hand right in front of my face, halting my train of thoughts.

“Oh, sorry. My mind just drifts off now-a-days.”

“Yeah, and you look really weird with the expressions you make while drifting off.”

“I do?” I scrunched up my nose to show my disgust.

“Yes, though they’re cute too.” He said with an innocent smile but his expression changed in an instant as he continued, “But it’s possible that only I’m finding them cute. The rest of the world will lock you up in an asylum for it.”



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