NaNoWriMo Day 14

Time: Midnight

Place: Hotel Room

Medium: Laptop

Word Count: 1470

Total Word Count: 19,720

Highlight: Late Night Stomach Rumbling Scene

Best Bit:

And here I was thinking I get scared easily.

A whole-hearted laugh escaped my mouth at the funny tactic of this person I’ve been living with over three years.

Adrian stood up and bent down to pick up the spoon and tub that had left his hand while he thought he was caught doing the worst thing on planet. I laughed again and saw a hint of smile that was visible on his face through the moonlight that entered the kitchen through the exhaust.

“What?” He asked when I hadn’t moved my eyes from his face.

“Nothing.” I said, a smile still on my face and walked back to the fridge. “I thought you were in the washroom.”

“So you wake up in the middle of the night and not find me next to you so you assume I;m in washroom? You don’t worry about me, Jenn?”

Opening the freezer above the refrigerator, I stretched my hand through the light white freezing smoke that flew out.

“Oh come on Adrian, I know you go to the washroom twice or sometimes even thrice during the night–”

“While you don’t even twitch a muscle the entire night.”

I moved the storage boxes that were crowding the freezer, pulling some forward and pushing some behind, trying to find the  ice cream tub I’d bought yesterday.

“Aye, Adrian! Where’s that London Dairy box I got yesterday?”

I frantically pushed all the boxes aside, looking carefully to see a hint of dark blue. But nothing was there. Did he eat the one I just got yesterday?

“Adrian!” I turned around while shouting his name but he was right there, with a toothy grin set on his face.


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