Being A NaNoWriMo Rebel

At times, I wonder how inconsistent I can be in life. 

Well, it’s been sixteen days since I first updated my word count at the NaNoWriMo site and just half a month in, I feel like being a rebel. No, it’s not that I’m loving Finding Those Bobby Pins lesser day by day or finding writing the story or it’s characters frustrating. It always was and will be my most favorite WIP—just that it shouldn’t remain an ongoing project forever. But I’m feeling like writing a short story instead and a good plot idea even hit me yesterday.

I’ve understood that some writers cannot outline fast, or draft fast or write fast and (dun! dun!) I’m one of them. Basically, I’m going to use the #turtlewriters in each and every one of my writing focused tweets from tomorrow. Now of course, 30K words are still remaining to achieve the goal of 50K and a short story definitely doesn’t comprise of these many words. However, I’ve decided that my first year of signing up for this amazing movement shouldn’t be all about the number of words I’ve written, but only that I’ve written something. 

So, after reaching around 20K words with Finding Those Bobby Pins as my NaNoNovel, I’m now looking forward to adding ‘Get A Drip’ as another one of my novels—even though it’s a short story. The next step in this plan is to plan the major plot point really quick, get to know the characters as much as I can and hopefully, start writing by Monday.

The best part about this realization: there’s a batch I can award myself now as an official NaNo Rebel. Yay!

What about you? Am I the only one who’s being a rebel this year? 



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