Week Wrap-Up #2

It’s Friday! Another week has finally come to an end. I shouldn’t feel happy for something coming to an end but this week was so difficult, I’m bound to feel happy for wrapping it up. Nothing much happened if I consider the blog, my posting schedule or the goals I’d set last week; so much happened in real life though, and it wasn’t something great to share either.

I became a NaNo Rebel. 

NaNoWriMo proved to be so much more difficult than I’d expected it to be. Sure, I knew aiming for 50K words in one month was a lot for me, especially while travelling and being a slow writer, but I thought my diligent preparation during October would back me up and help me achieve this. It’s obvious that didn’t happen. Even though I’d outlined pretty much everything about Finding Those Bobby Pins in October, I couldn’t stop the new ideas that kept popping in my head and the real pantser in me was forcing to revamp major plot points. At last, I decided fast drafting of my most beloved work-in-progress is not something I want to do.

This will take time and I really want to give it that time. 

I drank a lot of coffee.

I know, some of you might be wondering, ‘oh, what’s wrong with that?’ but let me tell you, there’s a whole list of things that can go wrong if you’re turning from a tea-addict to a coffee-addict. My mother seems to be thinking I’m not interested in uplifting our culture because chai is the most beloved beverage in India and should be an integral part of my morning routine. While I love tea and will always choose it over coffee, I felt like coffee would gear me up for a more productive day so that’s what I thought to do. I’m thinking of posting about this in detail, what do you think?

Alas, this week was the most unproductive so coffee is definitely going off my list for now. 

I reviewed only one book.

I don’t think it’s very disappointing but as a book-blogger I want to read more. At first, I thought it’s disgraceful that I reviewed just one book in the entire week but looking back to the review, I was satisfied how clearly my opinions were radiated through the lengthy review. That brings me to another thing I learnt this week: I want this blog to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Plus, The Dream Sifter was an amazing book and I’m glad I enjoyed it for an entire week!

I signed up for book blitzes and cover reveals.

I’d a clear view of what I want my blog to comprise of from the day I set it up and promoting books was definitely one of them. Having got the opportunity to get that ball rolling from this week, I was glad to add these headings to to my blog. Clearly, it was a bit difficult for me to promote such services while uplifting the quality-over-quantity principle, but I decided to sign up to promote only those books that I’ve either read or are written by authors I’ve read before.

I think this would keep my content clearly voicing out my opinion while working for the authors.

I won a contest on DeviantArt.

This was definitely the highlight of a not-so-exciting week. I felt overwhelmed but was happy to see my hard work paying off. A New Light On Halloween Night won this contest and the prizes made my day! I designed two pieces this week and they were a good addition to my portfolio. While The Winter Alpha was Beauty and the Beast + Twilight inspired, Lord Of Light Wants Me was Game of Thrones inspired.

I plan on continuing to expand my photo manipulation skills this week and work towards starting commissions soon. 

All in all, this week was tiresome with emotional turmoils but I’m stern about starting anew today and bring up my motivation levels. 

How was your week?


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