November 2017 Wrap-Up

Wow. It’s been one month since I started this blog? Time flew by so fast! When I first set up this little place of mine in the world-wide Web, I didn’t know it’ll become so much more to me than a few posts or statistics. It’s something I want to see growing day by day, and I want to keep working towards that. Anyway, all of that can be ranted in my blog-versary post so let’s get straight to the point in this one.


I read books. Not many books, but yes, I did some reading and I’m so happy to say all of them were fantastic!

The Dream Sifter by Candice Bundy  4-5-stars

Cut-Throat Syndrome by Michael Allan Scott  4-5-stars

Power Struggle by Carolyn Arnold  4-5-stars

I know I can be a slow reader at times but this month wasn’t actually about that. It was the beginning of my blogging journey so I wanted to deliberately be unrushed and simply test the waters. But now that somethings have started making sense to me, I want to dive deep and take up some tough challenges. My December TBR list is long and is ranging from ARCs to some light Holiday-season stories that I look forward to.


Well, when it comes to writing, the start of this month was quite ambitious and exciting for me because I’d signed up for NaNoWriMo for the first time. However, the word count goal soon became a source of stress to me in the later days, especially with travelling and studies. Finally, I’d decided to give up this time but I didn’t let myself feel guilty about quitting NaNoWriMo. Read more about that in this post. Of course, the first week of November, while I was still a part of this writing challenge, gave me some excerpts to post from Finding Those Bobby Pins.

This month I posted a writing tip post—writing characters with strong opinionsand hope to add more to the list of writing resources in December.

Apart from this, I revamped my Tumblr blog that is centered around writing [aka a Writeblr] and have promised myself to be slightly more active on there, too. November proved to be great for it since I’ve finally hit a 101 followers on there—not a huge number but cherishable nonetheless.


I designed four artworks this month and all of them were either autumn-ish or dark. I guess that is going to change in the coming month since lights, glitters and loads of snow is what’ll take over the graphic ideas. My best artwork this month is definitely A New Light On Halloween Night because I enjoyed making it and the piece won in the contest it was made for so that was an icing to the cake.


I was immensely happy to have come across some amazing people around the blogging community and some blog posts even made my day.

Katie suggested the top ten books that aren’t novels and it’s a really good list.

Erin unboxed her November Boxycharm and landed some amazing products.

Kate supports potential projects like #BAEProgram and #PLE2020 and shares her thoughts on them.

Marta reviewed #MeToo and started a discussion about women that everyone should be a part of.

Destiny reviewed a bunch of graphic novels and short collections that will give you more books to add to your TBR.

Abirami gives some honest advice to new and old bloggers about creating good content, and it’s definitely helpful.

Leenay got a lash lift done and tells what it is and how it happened.

So that’s all for this month. How was your November? 






3 thoughts on “November 2017 Wrap-Up

  1. It is okay to not read as many books as other people. You do you 🙂 I should take my own advice though XD I don’t think you should feel guilty to not ‘win’ NaNoWriMo, you did participate and you got some writing done and you probably learned a lot from it. I didn’t read that much either in November btw.

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