A Gift Guide With All The Free Things You Can Surprise Your Family & Friends [Or Anyone] With!

The holiday season is finally here. Amazing bloggers have taken up the blogmas ritual and kudos to them for being the epitome of consistency these twelve or twenty-five days. With four days of December gone by so quickly—pretty much like the entire 2017—I’ve come across numerous posts about gift guides and have loved them. So the other day I decided I wanted to make one too…with only free things on the list. Moving on, here are the few things you can gift your loved ones this (or any) month.

Your Presence In Their Vicinity. 

Sometimes, just being there is the best gift you can give to a person…if the person is genuinely interested in your existence—please don’t be a stalker. When you wholeheartedly want your loved one to be right next to you while opening the gifts on Christmas or watching the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, the best present is your presence. Also, please don’t just bring your mere physical existence; let your happy soul tag along.



Your Ears To Their Thoughts. 

Listening is a tough job to do and thus makes an excellent gift right now. It’s one thing to simply use your ears to let the sounds be perceived, and one thing to let those sounds actually make sense. This holiday season, let your ears and brain work together to give your loved ones some undivided, much deserved, attention. In fact, more of often than not, responses don’t matter; you don’t have to give a solution to a problem your best friend might be sharing, just lend an ear to them. Of course, there are exceptions: don’t even hear any bullshit.



Your Appreciation For Their Effort.

Setting up anything, from a movie date to a full-on party, takes effort and don’t let that hard work go unnoticed. Take the time to thank them. Don’t be afraid to show how much you’ve liked something someone did for you. Be vocal about how lucky you’re to have these wonderful people in your life; we think they already know (and they might be) but speaking it would be like an icing on the cake…and holidays is all about adding that sweetness to your, and others, life.



Your Forgiveness To Their Mistakes/Your Apology For Your Mistakes.

Many a times, relationships or friendships stay stained with things that could’ve been worked out for better. Now’s the time to resolve them. If it’s your fault, don’t hesitate to walk up to the person and express your regret. In the midst of the wonderful lightning, the sweet candy, and jingle bells, your apology would be accepted instantly—if your mistake is worth forgiving. Same holds true if someone has been apologetic to you. Try keeping your ego aside and look for the potential that particular relationship or friendship holds. 


Your Phone Call In Their Log.

If you’re not able to meet your loved ones in person, try calling them. Many live abroad, away from their families, or are simply preoccupied with other priorities. Whatever be the case, don’t let it hinder your holiday interactions. WhatsApp your mom (my mother is obsessed with it so just resonating that idea), Skype your pet or Google Duo your dad. I’m currently away from home and frequently feel homesick but a little virtual reality through these apps is so much better than no reality at all.



That’s all! These are the five things you can surprise your family with because whatever you say, these common doings are no longer common which is why they can be probable pleasant presents. 

[Dayum! Nailed the alliterations in this post.]




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