Realism in Fiction || Part 1 – A List Of Little Details To Make Your Character Realistic

Here’s a list of usually common mannerisms and traits that you can use for a more realistic, relatable character.

☛ Lip-biting. Not others’, their own. 
☛ Picks pimples.
☛ Sweats a lot.
☛ Doesn’t shave their arms.
☛ Keeps adjusting their nose pin. If they have one. 
☛ Rubs their eyes.
☛ Never ties their shoelaces.
☛ Bounce their legs.
☛ Laughs a little in the middle of whatever they’re speaking, even if it isn’t a joke.
☛ Write to-do list on hands.
☛ Cracks knuckles.
☛ Bites nails.
☛ Associates everyone with a scent. Even when they’re not a wolf.
☛ Can’t hold chopsticks.
☛ Loud Laugh.
☛ Always pull up their legs when they sit.
☛ Check their earrings to see if they haven’t lost one.
☛ Tilts the water bottle after screwing the cap to see if it isn’t leaking.
☛ Gets paranoid whenever the door bell rings.
☛ Avoid talking to people over phone.
☛ Checks messages but forgets to reply for days.
☛ Keep guessing the reason if someone else did the above thing to them.
☛ Hates to cuddle.
☛ Applies deodorant before going to sleep.
☛ Removes bra as soon as they reach home. Their own or someone else’s as long as it’s consensual. 
☛ Have double joints in fingers.
☛ Have six fingers.
☛ Has to watch TV while eating.
☛ Never reaches on time.
☛ Frequently lose their phone.
☛ Doesn’t like Star Wars.

And that’s it! Of course, there are so many more that can be added to this list but it all narrows down to whatever you find in people around you. Get inspired from real humans and create fictional characters. 

10 thoughts on “Realism in Fiction || Part 1 – A List Of Little Details To Make Your Character Realistic

  1. Amber

    Totally agreed – habits, quirks, and mannerisms are so important. Now that I’m thinking about it, I can only think of a handful of characters that do anything like this.

    And…. OMG your blog is SO PRETTY.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ioana @dragonwaffles

    I love amd adore quirks in characters!! Especially if it’s leg bouncing!! How does nobody in books bounce their legs?! It’s impossible and so not realistic 😂. Love the list ❤!

    Liked by 1 person

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