Interview with Naadhira from Legenbooksdary


Another day, another interview and another international personality with their wonderful experiences and thoughts. For today’s installment in the series, we have Naadhira, from Legenbooksdary, an 18 year old, reader, writer and blogger from Malaysia. She takes the quote: “read to escape reality, write to embrace it”, right through her heart.


Let’s start with the usual; what got you into blogging about books?

I personally like to review books and even until now, most of my blog posts are of reviews. But if I have to say what got me into blogging, it was venturing into new territories. Then again, if I really have to be honest, I’d say that it was for the opportunity to read and review books for free—ARCs. Although seriously, I do not regret blogging because of all the authors I have worked with over the years, especially self-published authors. Because even if it may be nothing for me, it is everything for them.

Speaking of reviews, your blog encompasses a wide range of genres but is there a particular genre (or a sub genre) that you can never pass upon?

YA most definitely. Who can ever resist that genre, am I right? I also read Dystopian (one of absolute favourites), Fantasy, Sci-fi, Contemporary and even some times a little light reading with NA, Romance.

What a coincidence, you love YA and your latest book review is of The Upside Of Unrequited Love. It’s the 143rd review on your blog, amazingly. How was your journey over all the 143 titles you’ve read to review on Legenbooksdary? Is there something you’ve learnt after reading this long list of books that you wished you knew for the 1st review on your blog?

Well, if I could turn back time to the very first time I was writing my very first review, I’d still say to myself to just go for it. There is a nothing better advice that I would tell myself.

You claim to be an aspiring writer as well, we would love to hear something about that passion of yours.

So far, I have written two stories. One is a YA, Dystopian and the other is a Contemporary. I just really love writing stories just as much as I love reading other stories. Not only do I see writing as a passion of mine, I also wish that someday I could make it a career of mine. It would truly mean the world to me and a dream come true!

We all wish you all the best for it! Moving on, you’re from the very beautiful, Malaysia. As an international book blogger, do you find yourself at a harder place?

Yes, I do feel that way. Most of the time and more than I’d like to admit. I have always admired the thought of receiving packages of ARCs to read and review from big publishers out there. Although, it’s not just about that, only a sliver of it. There are other alternatives, a brighter one that doesn’t really dissolve in my utter disappointment. One where it involves self-published authors and as much as they appreciate that I would review their book, it is also a great opportunity for me too.

With over 3,200 followers on instagram, how would you suggest other bloggers to use this social media platform for uplifting your blog?

I can always post there whenever I have a new blog post up and I tend to take every chance I can. I know it is sort of self-promoting but in my defense, you just have to do what you have to do.

E-books or paperback? Cover or blurb? ARCs or Backlists?

Paperbacks. Cover even though I know one must never judge a book by its cover but who am I kidding? Covers are basically everything. ARCs definitely.

One of your latest blog posts talks about your first draft being completed and your book might be self published. Would like to elaborate on that? How do you think does being a book blogger help you as an aspiring writer?

I’ve researched about some of the local publishers here who would publish English books and short to say, it is disappointing and disheartening. It is why I am thinking of going into self-publishing as I think it might be for the best. Honestly, I don’t think being a book blogger has helped me much as an aspiring writer. I often put both of them as their own individuals that don’t connect. Yet, I’ve never even thought of thinking of how they can relate altogether.

Last but not the least, what’s the best part about this book blogging community?

Being able to express our love for books, how I can help out authors no matter how big or small they are, how great it is that bloggers help out and support one another even when each one of us are from all over the world and just the thought of that already brings light to my heart.

Those were some amazingly honest answers, Naadhira! Thank you so much for being a part of this series, it was great having you on here. 

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7 thoughts on “Interview with Naadhira from Legenbooksdary

      1. Yea, I guess, getting an amazing shot is so by chance in my case that I don’t think I can be consistent enough to have a good instagram, lol. Though, I really liked some of your insta pictures when I was ‘researching’ for your interview 😀


      2. I agree, I feel the same way. Also, time?? I just don’t have the time for YET ANOTHER social media! Aw, thank you 🙂 I did get a lot better at bookstagram, I actually took a few classes by accident xD I work with teaching marketing and was invited for several classes. But the problem for me is that you’re supposed to stick to colors, and you’re supposed to have trinkets and props… and the worst part is that I don’t even have print books cause of the whole international thing xD so I feel like I’ll never be a good bookstagrammer anyway. So who cares 😃 I just share whatever I want, without intending to ‘have a style’ or be consistent. Just for fun. It’s also good for sharing quotes 🙂

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      3. Haha, bookstagram classes seem like some amazing color-coordinated benches and chairs, oops 😀 Yes, I feel like paperbacks or hardcovers are super important for better pictures which is why I slouch when thinking about starting a bookstagram. And of course, being all intl… 🙂


      4. It wasn’t a bookstagram class per se, just an instagram class xD but it was fun! Actually, there are a lot of simple things that you can learn in a few hours that makes a HUGE difference. For example. The rule of thirds was an eye opener for me (I was into drawing an art for 15 years and never knew it! Lol whut). Yeah, I’ll agree – it’s super hard to just keep taking pics of your Kindle, and kind of boring, but it’s possible and it’s a challenge 🙂 but ultimately that’s why bookstagram bores me a little. Half the pics should be stacks of books. And I just can’t do that 😂


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