Just Like the Brontë Sisters by Laurel Osterkamp


5 stars


Just Like The Brontë Sisters is the perfect blend of emotions, suspense and love that never dies.

Wow. I don’t know how to start the review or even get my head around what I just read. First of all, the cover of this book is so misleading, I can’t emphasize enough to how avoid going by the looks of that light-toned picture. When I picked this up, I was fairly certain about getting into some predictable romantic story…how wrong was I?

The story basically starts off with Joe Beth and Skylar—two sisters who love each other the most in this world—promising each other to not fall for the mainstream, handsome and charming guys. Having taken up the vow as teenagers, of course, life hit them hard in the face when Joe Beth developed feelings for Mitch, the epitome of the guy she always warned herself (and her sister) about. However, things take big turns when Joe Beth can’t help but always doubt her boyfriend’s motives and think of him as a potential threat to her and her unborn child. I’m trying so hard to not spoil anything which is why I’m leaving out so many character names and details; let’s just say, the story is complicated. But not in the way that makes your face scrunch up, instead in a manner that makes you go all happy, sad, angry and surprised. 

I don’t know how long my list of pros about this book would be, but I guess I’ll have to start somewhere so let me talk about the characters first. They’re amazingly developed. I don’t think it’s often that a story would make me feel sad for a character within the first few pages. Joe Beth and Skylar were the perfectly imperfect version of sisters who loved each other wholeheartedly, willing to go to extremes for one another, but sadly failing to actually help one another out when they needed it the most. It’s so heartbreaking to read the emails and voicemail they exchanged, but not being able to do anything. Each and everything that happened in their life was influenced by the other, knowingly or not, and that only increased the misery or extreme bliss.

The story is divided into two sections: Part one and Part two. While the first part has alternatSkylar and Joe Beths’s PoVs from a third person limited narration, the second half had other character PoVs included in a first person narration. And trust me, while I did question, initially, about the two parts, I soon realized how important they were to the story line that had peaked at the end of Part one. While I’m on the narration, let me also take a second to appreciate the distinctive voices all the characters had. Everyone spoke according to the personalities they were given and while the story was said through each character’s perspective, it still didn’t fail to heighten the suspense or get the reader’s senses pumped up whenever a suspect’s POV came up. 

Rooting from above, the writing is splendid and a pleasure to read. While some points did appear to be a retelling of a character’s morning routine, and a few typos over the length of the book, overall, the prose was quick to read and said so much more than the words intended.

Another great aspect of the story is romance. This book had that right amount of romance I love and the most accurate pacing possible. Nothing starts right off the bat, of course, there might be sparks and a few cheeks-flushing, but things took time, just like they do realistically. Apart from the love that couples shared in this story, I also became a huge fan of all different sorts of love that was explored. The love between the two sisters, a one-sided love, love that drove someone psycho, and love for a little human being. The emotions dealt with and explored in this story are successfully too sensible. 

Moving on to one of my ultra-favorite bits of the story: suspense. Oh My God! I won’t say the revelation isn’t predictable, it surely is, but did I predict it? No! Yes, I’m sounding really weird and before this review gets confusing, let me make it clear. The story gets you hooked so badly into whatever’s currently being narrated that you don’t actually analyze any of the characters or form a doubt against any of them. You’re made to believe whatever the story is making you believe, you form opinions that the author wants you to form and then when the big bad is revealed, you pause because…why didn’t I think of this before? Not only this, the way that the revelation is brought on account is so subtly sudden that it all makes sense only a second after. Again, I’ve tons of things to say but *cries* I want this review to be spoiler-free.

Overall, I love this book and would recommend it to all those who like a story that is so subtle yet direct that the whole essence would shake you even before you think it could.

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I received a digital copy of this book via a blog tour but that in no way influences my rating and/or my opinions about it. Thank you Enchanted Book Promotions and Laurel Osterkamp!

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