January 2018 TBR and Releases I Want To Get My Hands On

Happy New Year! Wow, so 2018 started with a bang when quite a few good things happened to me in the first three days itself. I won a contest I’d entered back in November with this artwork, my internship got upgraded from an unpaid student learning experience to paid hands-on-experience in laboratory (though the amount is very less, I’m glad I at least landed this chance) and my parents pleasantly surprised me with an unexpected visit. Needless to say, I’m anticipating a lot from this year and hope it won’t disappoint me. Moving on, here’s a post dedicated to the ARCs and Backlist books I’ll be reading this month and January releases I’m itching to get in my possession.

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Most of my ARCs this month are from Netgalley and a few from blog tours I would be hosting. Four of these are from the Read Now section of Netgalley so if you’re a reviewer/book blogger, you can head there to check these titles out and see if they abide by your reading tastes.

Let’s Talk About Love is one of my most anticipated reads of 2018 and am so happy I received this ARC just in time, haha. I’ve heard quite a lot of positive feedback on this and how it stands out for its ace representation; obviously, I’m excited for this. Plus, I really liked Claire Kann’s #FatGirl Magic, when it won the Wattys 2017–the annual awards on Wattpad–so I’m really looking forward to this.

Hearts Of Resistance is amazing. I finished reading it a few days before 2017 ended and couldn’t stop wondering about what to include and not to include in my review of it; there are so many things I could gush about. Though, it’s quite surprising that I loved it despite of historical fiction not being high on my list of preferred genres.

Fantomah won my heart from the cover illustration. I’ve recently found myself being driven towards a lot of comics and graphic novels so adding this ARC to my list of reads was bound to happen. Also, I want to devour more drawings like the one on the cover and the story sounds interesting, so let’s see how it goes.

Songs With Our Eyes Closed is really good. Again, I read this a few days ago and the poems are differently interesting and fun to read so this is yet another ARC I’m really excited to review.


If Souls Can Sleep sounded like my thing with the blurb stated about ‘gifted individuals possess the power to invade the dreams of others’, and I picked it off Netgalley almost instantly. Really excited for this one, too.

The Vanishing Spark of Dusk was recommended to me and I decided to request the title through Netgalley. I’m mostly relying on the good reviews about it that I’ve come across, but most of those reviewers are people I trust so let’s say, I’m quite sure I would like this.

Wicked Charm gives me the feel of a good YA thriller so I’m involuntarily in. Girls missing and a bad boy are good enough reasons for me to pick this up. [I don’t think many would know but bad boys are my guilty pleasures and I love a good story with them.]

You Won’t Know I’m Gone is the second in the series and I’d read the first part, You Don’t Know My Name, last year and I liked it. I don’t think I even added that to my Goodreads *lol* I just joined in October and I still keep coming across books I’ve already read. Anyway, I hope this sequel would be good and worth it.


Other than the ARCs, I’ve four main backlist titles I’ll be reading for the BTB Challenge I’ve taken up this year. Also, I’m a Book Bard and if you’re one too, yay!

Kids Like Us has earned quite some praise for its good autisitc representation, so I’m starting the yea with this. Also, it’s a contemporary so my heart does go to it for the realism.

The Last Time I’ll Write About You has poetry I’ve a heard a lot about. I’m also thinking of including more poems to my reading lists because they’re definitely a good change from heavy prose and some more-in-less meanings.

The Midnight Sea is the first book in a series I’m excited to get into. My cousin read this and though he didn’t like it very much, he said it might be a good read for me so I received a digital boxset of the series as a Kindle Gift. Needless to say, I’ll be blaming my cousin if this doesn’t work for me, haha.

We Are The Ants is another book I’d always thought of reading but didn’t come around to buying it so when this went up on RivetedLit, I’d marked a day in my calendar to read this asap.


Onto the list of books I’ve been hearing so much about but unfortunately, they aren’t mine as of yet. Also, I’ve entered a ton of giveaways for them and if you’re hosting one that gives them/these, let me know in the comments, though I can only enter INTL ones.


So that’s about it! January is gonna be an exciting month for reading, how about you? Have you read any of these titles already? Have any recs for me? 

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