Two Amazing Things I’m Signing Up For This Year


This year, I’ll be taking up things I don’t usually pick because that’s what resonates with new year, new me and what’s more realistic than deciding in January—because the rest of the year is for forgetting them. Hehe, just kidding! Maybe not. Anyway, this year as a book blogger, I’ll be regularly posting discussions centered around a) bookish things and b) bookish things as an international bookworm.



International Bookworms Meme is the latest meme focused on posts that speak about and are spoken by international book bloggers. This positive initiative is taken by the lovely Ayla over at BooksAndBabbles and is one of the amazing things that has rooted from the Intl Bloggers Group, first created by the super supportive Evelina over at AvalinahsBooks.

There’s no need to sign up or anything, if you feel like the prompt is giving you a great idea for a post, post it and link it up on that prompt’s page over at BooksAndBabbles. I might not be contributing for this week’s prompt since my holidays are over today and that means a bit more work, but I’m definitely up for Jan 20’s prompt.


2018-Discussion-Challenge copy

Book Blog Discussion Challenge is hosted by Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon at It Starts at Midnight. It’s a great idea to get book bloggers talk more and not just read, which I find very helpful because I tend to over post reviews, often. There isn’t any central theme for each discussion post; you can discuss anything you like as long as it’s bookish. Every month there would be a link-post where you can link your discussions and read or comment on others’. Also, there are monthly giveaways and features. Not only this, there isn’t any closing date for the sign ups; you can join whenever you want over the year. I really don’t see a reason for not being a part of this!

There are levels you can aim for. I’m working toward the Chatty Kathy level that ranges from 21 to 30 discussion posts over the year. I did some math and two posts every month would be cool enough for this. So yay!

What about you? Are you signing up for either of them? 

mg copy



4 thoughts on “Two Amazing Things I’m Signing Up For This Year

  1. Hi, Fanna! I’m participating in the Discussion Challenge as well, and I wanted to wish you all the best! 😊 The meme that you shared is also pretty interesting. I’m considering trying to work on some prompts, but I’m the slowest writer ever and I easily get overwhelmed by too many commitments, so we’ll see.

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    1. Hey, Shealea! That’s amazing and yes, I can totally relate. It’s possible to stay consistent when it comes to writing reviews but ‘other’ posts are sometimes too difficult, haha 😀 Good luck, though and can’t wait to read some great posts from you ❤

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