Interview with Maja from BookishAddicted

Today, for the first interview of 2018, I’ve Maja Diana over from BookishAddicted. She’s a wonderful human being, twenty-seven year old blogger from Denmark who is addicted to everything bookish. With a beautiful bookstagram and an equally beautiful bookshelf, she posts about everything related to books.

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Let’s start with the usual, what got you into blogging about your bookish addictions?

It started with bookstagram. I’d been buying books in bulk for a while, and then had been photographing them for Instagram. Unfortunately, I tend to ramble—a lot—so the IG character limit wasn’t enough for me. And that is how I ended up with my blog, to get more freedom on what to write. Ramblings and all.

PhotoCourtesy: Maja’s Bookstagram

Your review policy states that you’re up for most of the fictional genres, no matter what the length would be. Considering the number of pages, for instance, do your prefer quick reads or the heavier ones?

When it comes to the length of the book, it generally depends on the story. I’ve read amazing books bordering on lengths that took lesser time to read, and a novella that just didn’t work for me. There’s really no preference there.

You’ve topped your five favorite genres with Fantasy, so which would be that one Fantasy book you would never stop pushing people to read?

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. It was one of the first traditionally epic fantasy books I read in English. It’s an awesome story about two sisters, magic, a blood-thirsty sword and a touch of romance. Plus, the author made it available for a few days, both on the reading app Wattpad and on his own website. It introduced me to Sanderson’s other works and so far, I’ve love all those I’ve read.

With over 600+ followers on Twitter, how would you suggest other bloggers to use this social media in uplifting their blogs?

Honestly, I mostly use twitter for giveaways and when I’m slightly bored. It can be quite intense on there at times. It did introduce me to the international bloggers, so that’s awesome.
You’ve some amazing bookish pictures on your bookstagram. Any tips to those who’re looking to start one of their own? Do paperbacks or hardcovers are a necessity when taking beautiful pictures?
PhotoCourtesy: Maja’s Bookstagram
There are ton of tips out there for those who’re looking, but personally, I think it’s just ‘practice makes perfect’. You can spend a lot of money on equipment, props and books, but if you don’t practice with different light, angles or different backgrounds then you won’t improve enough. When I’m shooting, I have my phone, some mini-backdrops I got on sale, and then a few fake flowers. Of course, I made the rookies mistake and bought every tiny thing I could. As for whether you need physical books… I’ve seen some amazing bookstagrammers featuring e-books. It’s entirely up to you and what you’re going for. Personally, I can’t do that since I both read on my phone and use my phone for pictures.
When peeping over your blog pictures, I came across a beautiful photo of your organized bookshelf. What’s your best method to stack all the pretty books?
PhotoCourtesy: Maja’s Bookstagram
I’ve been through a lot of different organisation systems and I’m probably not done yet. Right now, and on the picture, I’ve separated hardcovers and paperback, then height, then it’s authors last name. The books I’ve read are of course on their own shelves.
Your book reviews are different from the usual template, it involves a heading of what to expect and what not to expect, followed by who the book is recommended to. What was your thought when you decided to write such helpful, concise reviews?
Sometimes when you read a blurb, you might get an idea of the story in your head. I’ve found that often it’s not what I’m expecting at all. So instead, I try to reword the description for my own followers. As for who it’s recommended to, it’s a work in progress. I’m working on improvements to include better content warnings, as well.
Recently, you’ve shared a discount code with your readers, of a subscription box that consists of amazing books and swag. What’s your favorite thing of being subscribed to a bookish box?
PhotoCourtesy: Maja’s Bookstagram
I’m subscribed to a few, and I’m aiming to try as many as possible. The best thing, apart from the books and swag, is the communities. A lot of boxes makes an effort of setting up book clubs, author chats and have face book groups for socializing. On that note here’s my current book-box discounts: – MAJA17 – BookDragonMAJA


You’re from the beautiful Denmark, which makes you an international blogger in this community. Rooting from your recent post, I’m an international reader and I don’t matter, do you find yourself at a harder place?

I love Denmark. But despite having mandatory English in schools, it’s very hard to get your hands on books published in English. Our version of book-cons doesn’t include foreign editions, and it’s often long after an actual release because of translation time.
Adding to that, a Danish translated book may be 200 – 300 [DKK] whereas an English paperback will be 130 [DKK]. When buying a paperback online, the book is around 70 [DKK]. This makes supporting authors very hard. Do I have it hard? Compared to some, no. But compared to the easy access by English speaking countries? Definitely.
Your blog has over 200 subscribers, where do you see your blog headed toward? Any specific direction you’re intending to take your blog to?
I’d like to make the blog more accessible for book lovers. Better my use of tags and categories. I’m planning to soon go over to a paid plan with a custom URL but I need the funds first.
E-book or paperback? Covers or Blurb? ARCs or Backlists?
Paperback. Both. And both. It’s very different from book to book. Except when it comes to formats. I prefer physical books always because it helps me promote the books to the best of my ability.
Last but not the least, what’s the best thing about this community?
The best part of the community is the people and friendships. It’s nice to find someone to fangirl with like that.
Great! Thank you so much Maja for this wonderful set of answers. It was lovely having you over. 
Go follow and connect with Maja on her blog and through her social links!

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