The Last Time I’ll Write About You by Dawn Lanuza

The Last Time I'll Write About You by Dawn Lanuza - Book Review - FANNA

3 stars

The Last Time I’ll Write About You is a collection of poems by Dawn Lanuza and is recently being republished by Andrews McMeel Publishing on Jan 30, 2018. 


I liked this but it wasn’t something I’ll keep thinking about for days and I expect that from my poems.

The main focus is on contemporary romantic feelings of heartbreak, and sorrow and anguish that comes along with it. Most of the poems were kinda synonymous to the quick ones I come across while scrolling through Tumblr, so while they were nice to read, they didn’t have a spark. (Not saying Tumblr poems don’t have a spark, please don’t take things in their unintended way) A few were really good and I felt myself get more piqued at the one-liners that were frequently placed in between a few poems. They were genuinely nice. Other than the content, I’ll also point out that the formatting is quite aesthetic and I liked how there were a few sketches whenever a new part starts. I know many poetry books are aesthetically pleasing but I want to mention how this one ‘looked’ good to me, and in a way, made the whole experience better.

I would recommend this to all those who prefer the light, quick poems that revolve around romantic angst.


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Dawn Lanuza writes contemporary romance, young adult fiction and poetry. She’s a music elf by day and a meet cute writer by night. ‘The Boyfriend Backtrack’ is her first book. She currently lives with her family and an adopted dog.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads


Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of this via Netgalley but that in no way influences my rating and/or opinions about it. Thank you Andrews McMeel Publishing and Dawn Lanuza!


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9 thoughts on “The Last Time I’ll Write About You by Dawn Lanuza

  1. I love those little poems you find on Tumblr and Pinterest, but I understand what you mean about how these didn’t stay with you. I’ve never tried to review a poetry book though, so I’m not even sure what my criteria would be. Sounds like this was good though, even if it wasn’t super memorable!

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    1. It certainly is! It’s a good read, no doubt, just not one of those poetry books I can keep coming back to on those rainy nights with a cup of tea 😀 And YES! The Tumblr poems are amazing, no doubt 🙂


  2. I’m trying to go back to read more poetry which I used to but then got overshadowed by fantasy 🙂 One thing I love are the new aesthetics that many poetry books have. I’m reading the Princess Saves herself and I have the ARC of the Witch Doesn’t burn which I’m dying to get to! I love that you are searching for poetry out there even Fanny even though not all poems are staying with you! 🙂

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