Dual ARC Review – The Voice Inside by Brian Freeman + Crash by Keith Houghton


4 stars

The Voice Inside is a crime-thriller by Brian Freeman and is recently published on Jan 30th, 2018 by Thomas & Mercer. 


This is one thrilling story, no doubt! 

The Voice Inside is the second in series that centres around Frost Easton, though I didn’t find it any less as a standalone. The story does use the previous book’s plot as a pusher but that doesn’t stop it from exploring it’s own story. Years ago, Frost’s sister, Katie, had been killed by a serial killer who was later imprisoned for his crimes. But he’s stepping out of prison now and seeking revenge.

The book fairs well in terms of twists as they are perfectly paced and erupt at all the right places. A few do make the characters take a steep turn and excites me as a reader, but the ending one didn’t impress me much for the over-the-top revelation that it tried to build up. Of course, I’m trying to avoid spoilers here which is why I’m being so vague, apologies! Basically, it’s a chase between Cutter, the culprit, and Frost, the homicide inspector and all this while, there’s one question hanging in the —why was Katie murdered when she didn’t even fit the pattern of this serial killing? 

In terms of thrilling, this was on-point! I can’t emphasise enough on how stirring the events are especially with the fast-paced narration it’s associated with. Right from the opening scene, there’s hard pounding on the door, a news that slips off the ground from under Frost’s feet, and alarms going off around his house with 3:42 a.m. scheduled on them all. Throughout this chase, there’s a rush that makes it a quick but thrilling ride. The only thing that kinda let me down was the character development—there was enough but nothing to make me remember them forever. This might be correlated to my lack of previous instalment’s knowledge so that’s something I won’t go in-depth but for me, it might be the reason for deducting one star.

I would recommend this to all those who are looking for a thrilling, action-packed crime fiction that doesn’t let your adrenaline rush go down even a notch.


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Brian Freeman is a #1 Amazon bestselling author of psychological thrillers, including the Jonathan Stride, Frost Easton, and Cab Bolton series. His books have been sold in 46 countries and 20 languages. He is widely acclaimed for his “you are there” settings and his complex, engaging characters and twist-filled plots.

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I received a digital copy of this book via Netgalley but that in no way influences my rating and/or opinions about it. Thank you Thomas and Mercer and Brian Freeman!



2 stars

Crash is a mystery thriller by Keith Houghton and is recently published on January 18th, 2018 by Thomas & Mercer. 


The main context of this story with an amnesic patient trying to find the truth about his past life and feeling horrible for the decisions he had once made, was a bit less surprising after binge-watching Dark Matter. 

Crash has quite a few plot lines but that’s where it fell flat because at some point (almost for two-thirds of the story) it had a lot going on and nothing seemed to be progressing, it was only intriguing. Now, it’s one thing to be intrigued and another to be frustrated for not getting answers. Jed Allen wakes up one day at his desk only to not have any memories whatsoever. Like any other amnesic patient, he decides to uncover his past life but is deeply disappointed with the decisions he had made—immoral dealings, drug intake, and a number of inhumane acts.

All this would’ve been sufficiently interesting, thrilling, and propelling but when there’s a serial killer added to the scene, too, it’s evidently over-the-board. In addition to the numerous things going on at the same time, there are scenes that could easily have been cut-off to shorten the story and bring it straight to the point (or allow it to stick to the point). Unnecessary action is my pet-peeve and this one hit right at home…not in a good way. Overall, this was a fine read but nothing too impressive.


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Amazon International #1 Best Selling Author of the psychological thrillers NO COMING BACK and BEFORE YOU LEAP – roller-coaster reads with totally unexpected twists and turns – published by Thomas & Mercer (an Amazon Publishing imprint).

Also available – The GABE QUINN THRILLERS Series, featuring the International #1 Kindle eBook KILLING HOPE and the bestselling follow-on novels CROSSING LINES and TAKING LIBERTY.

Visit  his website and join his no-spam Reader List to qualify for exclusive reader competitions, such as free advance copies, signed paperbacks, and Your Name As A Character in a future novel.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads


I received a digital copy of this via Netgalley but that in no way influences my rating ad/or opinion about it. Thank you Thomas and Mercer and Keith Houghton!

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6 thoughts on “Dual ARC Review – The Voice Inside by Brian Freeman + Crash by Keith Houghton

  1. I guess bith of your books contain serial killer, and this mist have made you a bit mad? 😜
    The first book though looks quite interesting. I too want my mysteries to be super intriguing and well mysteriou?
    Coincidentally, right now I am also reading a story about an amnesic character but I am hlad it is contemporary 🙈

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