3 Reasons Why Reading Romance Books Is A Great Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

It’s February, the month of love, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so it’s obvious people are carrying their hearts on their sleeves (or any other clothing they’re flaunting) for the one they love (or two/three, depends on how your roll), but not me. No, I don’t roam around nude, it’s just that I don’t have a ‘valentine’ to celebrate this day.

With my notorious study and work schedule, along with my commitment issues (Yup, I’m trying to work on that), I’m left with myself on this day so I think I’ll be loving myself. Now, before your mind forms images that are absolutely not what I intended to mean, I’ll make myself clear: I’ll be doing what I love doing the mostreading books. But since the day’s all about romance it’s evident what genre I’ll be picking up.

So…is this post all about you ranting of your love life or the lack of it?

No, no! The purpose of this post is something completely different. I understand how I might not be the only one who’s either confused with the whole Feb 14th vibes or doesn’t have any plans set for the lovely day. Which is why I decided to give you three reasons why reading romance books is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

You can travel across a country (or decades) without worrying about anything, except for the fate of the characters in the book.

What can be better than being wrapped up in a shawl, sprawled across your sofa with a glass of wine and reading all about two characters’ romance set in a city you haven’t visited or an era you can never visit? Not only does it save money and loads of time, it even saves you from a jet lag. No passport problems and missing luggage, either. Of course, all these incidents might take place in the fictional copy you have in your hands but it’s better to read about being stranded on an island with a hot guy than actually being stranded. Even if you have a hot guy to be stranded with.

As for historical romance, those shorts or pyjamas you’re relaxing in are better in terms of comfort than the tight, breast-binding bodice of the medieval times. Would you rather dance around in the unbreathable gown or sip your wine while reading about the annual ball? Please don’t answer if you’re going with the first option. That would simply nullify the purpose of this post, thank you. Plus, I’m pretty sure if we were in a real dance event set in the historical times, we would’ve been more focused on the food trays than our partner’s features.

You can shed tears without worrying about your mascara.

The best part about being at home and just reading romance books is to not worry about the mascara that’s going to give you a black eyewith happy or sad tears, whichever. Whether you’re reading with a make-up free face or you’re decked up like a drag queen, doesn’t matter. When that diversity and minority group’s on-point representation in a contemporary is going to touch your heart, you’ll be happily bawling more than any on-the-knee proposal would make you. Or after reading 300 pages of a heart-breaking separation of the two cute leads, when the ending scene is all kisses and hugs, your stomach is going to be a hub butterfliesmore than the character in the book. Especially if this couple is your one true pairing. Pure bliss, I would say!

You can assume your book boyfriends to be real without worrying about sounding insane.

While a cute girl’s night out on Valentine’s Day sounds like a plan, it’s not all that fun when your girls aren’t bibliophilic. Why should you get those raised eyebrows, during a game of truth or dare, when you claim to love your book boyfriend the most? Isn’t the: okay, that’s cool, but seriously tell us the truth! not annoying? Like, girls, I seriously love my book boyfriend…which is why I call him ‘boyfriend’. Plus, the situation gets worse when that answer changes in every other sleepover. They can never understand how long a booklover’s list of fictional boyfriends can be. They think it’s called cheating… what?! And of course, we don’t want the red color code of this day to go on some other level where the sleepover is all about spilling my friends’ blood.

The best alternative is to lay back on the couch and read all about the hot, sexy, sweet, or cute guy in the books and imagine yourself as the one who’s being complimented by him, or kissed by him, or empowered by him (that should happen more often in real life, shouldn’t it? Then again, sometimes we should just empower ourselves). You can blush about everything your book boyfriend’s muttering—or sighing—and not have to justify yourself. Wow, sounds like the perfect day or night.


And ta da! There you go! Now you have enough reasons to just pick up a romance book and have a great night with yourself…and wait for the cupid to shoot you…or your book boyfriend.

P.S. This is probably the first ever post where I’ve used so many ellipses. I guess love makes your thoughts trail. 

This post is linked up to the Discussion Challenge hosted by Feed Your Fiction Addiction and It Starts At Midnight.

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28 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Reading Romance Books Is A Great Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. I can’t wait to settle down with a good cute contemporary book on valentines day!!
    although, I do have a fiancé so I’ll be watching black panther (his choice) and ordering a pizza (my choice) before that but I can’t wait to settle down with a new possible book boyfriend after!! 😛

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  2. Aww what a lovely post 🙂 I think it’s so great to be able to settle down with a great book, with no expectations what-so-ever about this celebration. Valentine’s day is so overrated anyway and it’s such a money-spending-trap, ahah, I find it kind of silly when you can celebrate love any other day for your partner 🙂 And I’m ALL for the book that will ruin my mascara – oh wait, no need to wear any while you’re just hanging out at home, right? – I love a great book that will make me care for the characters to the point that I cry, haha. I’m weird…. I don’t know, hahaha.
    Lovely post! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ikr? It’s like a Hallmark holiday and true, love’s always in the air XD No, you’re not weird…or maybe am too so I can’t make the difference 😀 I love such stories too. I mean, those tear glands should be worked up ever so often so why not books be the reason for it. Thank you, Marie!

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  3. It’s been so long since I had a valentine, but I still delight in a good romance book. And I love traveling through books, and everybody knows book boyfriends are best. Happy Galentine’s Day to you!

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  4. Love this post Fanna got to know more about you 🙂 and you made me laugh! [Now I discovered my secret reason for never wearing make up!] These are all great reasons to read romance! Especially traveling [I like the imagery of me in the sofa reading and drinking wine, though. Maybe even more than traveling! lol]

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Haha, loved this post, Fanna! Definitely going to include this in my monthly wrap-up 🙂
    I don’t celebrate Valentine either. It is so overrated? Why spend so much money on a single day when you can celebrate it daily?
    And I love book boyfriends (okay, less than my husband 😛 ). Btw, contemporary is my favourite genre and nothing is best to read than that on this day of love 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Simant! ❤ It's definitely overrated! God, look at you…all madly in love with your husband, haha, but am happy you're happy 😀 True, contemporary can make any day better!

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