Blog Tour – No Fourth River by Christine Clayfield [Review]


No Fourth River is a narrative non-fiction about a women’s true story by Christine Clayfield and was published on November 22nd, 2017 by RASC Publishing. 

4 stars


No Fourth River is a novel based on a true story that would not just tug at your heart but yank it off and twist it to the last force.

I love reading autobiographies or memoirs, though you won’t find many if you sift through my ‘read’ titles, so I was instantly interested in grasping an opportunity to take part in a blog tour for this real story. 

This is an honest recounting which is why it can resonate with people who have gone through the same, but this review is from the viewpoint of someone who has not found herself in most of the situations mentioned in this book. NO, I don’t mean to say I’m the luckiest person alive to be brought up in a safe household or that I have never been accustomed to things that I strongly disagree with and want to change for good–all I mean is, I could feel the importance of this story even when I didn’t find myself in the shoes of Christine. So whether you can or cannot relate to this story, your soul would certainly reverberate with the raw narration. 

This book is perfect for being so well constructed that you genuinely take something away after turning the past page. While the first half of the story is a bundle of traumatic experiences–some of them more shocking than I could’ve ever imagined–the second half is a transformation and not the ‘quick’ ones, but the established one, one that takes efforts and a whole lot of self-esteem. In all, it’s a collection of events that peak and low to show how human the story and author is.

No Fourth River revolves around sensitive, hard, serious issues like dysfunctional families, violence, alcoholism, domestic abuse, and self-hate among others. It’s days of such issues turning into weeks and finally into years, until one day the author realizes how deep down the aftereffects of these problems are rooted. So she decides to end it all, but not just by forgetting her times of despair–or worse, enduring–but by surviving and breaking through it as a strong female that she is. 

The writing is always a make or break for me when it comes to memoirs. I feel like some sound too robotic for me to actually feel the story while some sound too vague for me to actually remember them. Not this; this one aced this area. The writing is pure, informative, and it reads like a story itself. A perfect combination for a “profoundly moving read about a woman’s fight for survival.” Christine’s words come alive and you live through her life–both the bad and good times. 

It isn’t easy to read this, though. As a reviewer, I feel necessary to mention how deeply affecting this book can become and how important it might be to take some much-needed breaks while living through it. You wouldn’t regret this experience, though.

My one star deduction is simply for me, as a reader. I couldn’t agree to a few bits here and there, which I guess is inevitable with personal life narratives, I can’t live someone else’s life completely which is why I can’t agree on actions or thoughts completely. This shouldn’t, however, stop you from considering this book. [Except, of course, you find you could be triggered by anything in this book]

Trigger Warnings: domestic abuse, abusive relationship, alcoholism, body horror, bullying, name-calling, child abuse, classism, coma, mental abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sex mention, vaginal insertion, hospitalisation, medical procedure, electro-shock therapy, attempted rape, smoking, and violence. 


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Christine Clayfield is a best-selling author, Internet marketer, Entrepreneur, Infopreneur, Public Speaker and Book Publisher.

After many years of being a successful business woman and mentor she took one step further to empower and inspire the world, with the release of ‘No Fourth River’ a novel based on her life.

Christine’s past holds much pain and abuse, but it did not stop her from being the woman she is today by changing her life and building the future she wanted.

‘No Fourth River’, is Christine’s way to let the world know that despite the pain of your past, YOU have the ability to change your future. YOU can make it happen if you just believe. It all starts with YOU.

W E B S I T E | T W I T T E R | G O O D R E A D S | I N S T A G R A M 


I received a digital copy of this via my participation in a blog tour but that, in no way, influences my rating and/or opinions about it. Thank you Christine Clayfield, Bookollective and RASC Publishing!


– F A N N A
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3 thoughts on “Blog Tour – No Fourth River by Christine Clayfield [Review]

  1. Oh yeah, being triggered is definitely possible. It was a hard read for me, but I don’t regret it. Can you believe it sometimes how much some people manage to survive? It’s hard to imagine. And I feel like I have SO much respect for the author.


  2. Now that you and Evelina both have loved this book, I am sure I will love this too. I recently read When I Hit You which was another hard-hitting book so I will pick this after some time. These things are really hard to think. I really respect them who survive all of this and still stays strong 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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