The Three Stages of a Yearly Reading Goal

Fanna’s back at it with a reading discussion even though this isn’t a discussion post–it’s a post for us reading goal-setters to collectively feel the guilt. Wondering what guilt I’m talking about? Oh, don’t try to act innocent! We all know what the fate of a reading goal is and who’s responsible for that fate. *intently looks at you.*

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Stage 1: Excitement to accomplish the goal.

Stage one is definitely the best phase. It’s filled with hearts and thumbs-up(s) that you receive in the comments to your reading-goal posts/TBRs. It’s the initial excitement that everyone feels at the start of a new relationship; much like the start of a commitment to ‘reading more’, ‘reading daily’, ‘reading monthly’, and other such false promises. 

This phase lasts for the first four months when the goal-setter easily moves on from the previous failures and walks into the fresh start of January, the romance-filled air of February, the light breezes of March, and the colorful vibes of April, only to realize they haven’t actually read because they were busy ‘walking’ and actually ‘talking’ about their goals. 

The year has just started! I have the ENTIRE year to read (insert a number almost approximating to infinity) books. 

Every Reader Ever.

Stage 2: Wait, what? I have a goal to accomplish?

This is the stage of blissful ignorance. It’s the time when closing your eyes to the commitments make it easier to live life to the fullest. Because there’s a perfect balance of guilt from the past four months and hope in the next four months. No one mentions anything regarding a reading goal in this stage–not even those who had left hearts and thumbs-up(s) in the comment section. 

This phase lasts for four months too (if you couldn’t already do the calculations) and is characterised by the goal-setter doing any and everything that pulls them further away from the reading goal.

  • Some daydream about the book boyfriends when they should be reading about them.
  • Some watch the movie adaptations of books they were supposed to read. 
  • Some anticipate the new releases while their backlist books disappointedly stare at them. 
  • Some do pick up a book but then wonder how to read. 

 Stage 3: Oh, I have a goal to accomplish! Alas, there’s no time left. 

The last and final stage is marked by the sudden surge of emotions and memories from the past since the commitment–reading goal– starts flashing everywhere, thanks to some amazing readers who accomplished their goals before time. These amazing readers are usually those who had left hearts and thumbs-up in the comment section. 

This phase lasts for three months because November becomes the last ray of hope. December 1st marks the beginning of another small term phase called ‘using your failures as content for the blog’. The goal-setter now, suddenly, not only knows how to read but also how to write and uses words like ‘alas’. 

December 31st marks the end of this vicious cycle, only for it to start all over again. 

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t intend to look down upon anyone who hasn’t achieved their reading goals but is merely a fun take on my own disappointed reading goals. The inspiration for this post was my own 2018 reading goal on Goodreads.

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21 thoughts on “The Three Stages of a Yearly Reading Goal

    1. LOL, same XD I think I’m always too excited at the start of the year and then by then end, I’m drowning in guilt and over-commitment and it’s nice to see I’m not the only one 😀


    1. You’re the smartest XD I’m thinking of straying away from those goals too! But I think I fall in love with all the TBR posts that go up during this month for all sorts of reading challenges, and end up posting such TBRs myself 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Around 30 XD But I really like the hype at this time of the year and that somehow always gets me into a reading spree so I HOPE I do the challenge 😀


      2. Hehe I’ll admit 30 sounds hard to cover up but you should still try! Maybe go read the witch doesn’t burn in this one and other poetry books? I’ve been reading sone lately and they’re short and yet count as a book which makes me the happiest ever!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. “December 1st marks the beginning of another small term phase called ‘using your failures as content for the blog’. ”

    So. True. Although I haven’t gotten round to doing that, because I’ve been busy redesigning my graphics instead. BUT I signed up to do so many reading challenges this year and erm…I don’t think I’ll complete any of them. Ooooopsies, but I tried! So that counts haha, love this post Fanna ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you liked it 😀 And haha, yeah, if this isn’t we readers can all relate to, then what is? XD Ahh, of course, same here! I signed up for quite a few challenged and none of them are being completed. Anyway, here’s to the new year, new challenges ❤


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