Why Happiness Can Lead You To Peace

In this chaotic lifestyle, we keep wondering what peace would feel like. Is it all about silencing your mind and muting your thoughts? Is peace somehow related to silence? Maybe. But maybe not.

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Maybe peace is related to the happy chaos.

What is happy chaos?

There are two types of chaos. One, the chaotic chaos that we experience almost every day in our life and for the majority of one’s day. This is the type that segments from the stress, pressure, and the fear of no-time-left that we build up every day. Chaotic chaos is the bad type if you can’t already figure that out.

Then there’s happy chaos. Happy chaos is a state of chaos that doesn’t feel like chaos. Yes, too much repetitiveness in just one sentence but sometimes repetitiveness is good. Like being repeatedly happy is good!

Happy chaos is what you experience sometimes but when you do, you remember and reminisce it like ‘the good times’.

This is the type of chaos that a sudden birthday surprise you receive from all your loved ones would garner–your house is packed with people happy for you and with you, people chattering and moving around while having an amazing time at your house. Even though you know you’ll be doomed in the morning when it comes to cleaning up all the mess, you don’t give a shit.

Because you’re happy!

Happy chaos is a state of chaos that doesn’t feel like chaos.

– Fanna

And that’s exactly how happiness is connected to peace.

A happy heart and mind wouldn’t consider chaos as the chaotic chaos but as the happy chaos. Finishing an assignment with a happy mind will feel much less of a chore because your mind can’t resonate with how ‘difficult or boring’ the assignment is. Your happiness is like a blindfold on your mind.

Of course, nobody can be happy all the time. There are times when someone feels low and that’s perfectly normal because we’re humans, not synthesized beings. But it’s necessary to try being happy for the times when you aren’t brewing other emotions.

Try to bring a smile to your face, try to simply chuckle at the workload sitting at your desk, try to laugh at yourself for procrastinating, try to remember the good times so you can make this one a ‘good time’ too.

I’m not sure if doing this would help your productivity but I’m sure it would help you feel a sense of calm and inner-peace that everyone tries to find in other external factors when it’s right inside you and ready to be felt through happiness.

If you would like me to write more posts around this topic and how to find the inner happiness in yourself, leave a comment down below!

Disclaimer: This post is a collection of my own thoughts and isn’t plagiarized in any way, nor should it be plagiarized by someone else. If you wish to quote something from this post or wish to highlight this post in any manner, feel free to do so as long as you give proper credit and/or pingback to this post.

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9 thoughts on “Why Happiness Can Lead You To Peace

  1. Hi Fanna! Feeling happy today? 😉 I loved reading this musing of yours. It was just what I needed after having begun my day being attacked on another social media. You reminded me that what happened today is sad but not the most important thing in my life. So thank you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Being attacked? What happened? I’m right here if you wanna share but whatever happened, don’t let it get to you ❤ That's such a heart touching comment, Sophie, I'm glad and you're welcome 😀


  2. This is a really beautiful post, and I agree with your differentiation between happy chaos and stressful chaos. I’ve also recently adopted this mentality that there is a difference between being happy all the time & being positive. You can still feel sadness but have a positive mindset; those sad moments will make all the happy moments in your life feel so much more important. I’m looking forwards to reading more of your posts! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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