Realism In Fiction || Part 2 – A List of Little Details to Make Your Character Realistic

☛ Haven’t watched Game of Thrones. Wait, stop planning the character’s death already! It’s fine, respect their indecency and absolute ignorance toward such trivial issues like who’s going to sit on the throne. 
☛ Is a beauty experimenter, i.e., tries new products and home remedies and what not.
☛Hates rough elbows.
☛ Has a fetish for toes. I know, eww, but tell that to your character. 
☛ Keeps scraping off their nail polish.
☛ Frequently looks at their left because their right frame of the face is gorgeous, or vice versa.
☛ Starts something only at a time that is a multiple of 5 (4.00 > 4.05 > 4.10 > 4.15 > etc etc), or waits to start something at that time and never actually starts. 
☛ Keeps playing with that one ring they’ve worn for years. 
☛ Is an organizational person. 
☛ Measures everything they eat. 
☛ Writes to-do lists and loves the blissful experience of crossing off things on it.
☛ Increase in pitch of the voice when they’re excited or happy. 
☛ Watches a lot of inspirational videos. 
☛ Plucks flowers whenever they see a pretty one.
☛ Has a monotonous expression majority of the time. Yours truly is super guilty of this!
☛ Talks a lot about spirituality. 
☛ Is a Marvel or DC fan (no they can’t be a fan of both.)
☛ Laughs so hard that tears spill. 


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