Two 4-Star Reads || Aldo by Yannick Pelegrin & Chameleon Aura by Billy Chapata


Aldo is a smartly woven comic that takes you through different phases and thoughts of the main protagonist, Aldo, while not letting you actually be in charge of what’s happening. Which means there are surprises at almost every turn and while some worked great, some only confused more, but as the pages were turned, it all started making much more sense and the ending breaks your heart. It doesn’t give a definitive closure (and that’s something I prefer which is why the star is snatched) but the reader can figure out the main cause of the entire ordeal and that makes the overall reading experience a fruitful one. 

The story is about a 20-something-year-old guy who considers himself immortal or is immortal–you gotta read to find that out–and goes for a quick session with a psychologist only to walk out of the session. Then the readers are thrown into a rabbit hole of his thoughts, his confusion, his desperation to understand what’s happening to him, and he continues to grow to the readers through this tribulation. 

The art sits well with the mood and setting of the story with some quick strokes and a dark, moody color palette. The characters are distinctly crafted and there are evident differences between them. There’s even a cute dog so that gets extra points, haha. Overall, a really good comic and certainly recommended by me. 


This is a really well put-together collection of poetry revolving around major themes like self-love, self-healing, self-satisfaction, and every important aspect of oneself. The collection has poems of varying length, ranging from strong one-lines to crisp double lines to an entire verse of strong vibes, as well as prose that is honest, raw, and compelling. The balance between the two styles of narration is perfect and almost every line is executed gracefully.

There is a lot of self-love surrounding the poems and since that’s something I personally love to read about, I think it uplifted the experience. I would go a step ahead and say that it isn’t very cliche so if you feel that too many poetry books are reading almost the same, this one wouldn’t. It’s refreshing and is so much more enjoyable when devoured instead of simply gulping it (even though I did the latter). The only thing that disappointed me was the repetition. It seemed like some poems were so repetitive, it annoyed me at time but if you’re someone who loves emphasis, then there’s nothing you wouldn’t like in this book. Overall, an aesthetic yet empowering feels-filled poetry collection that I would definitely recommend. 

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