Faguni Sharma, also known as Fanna, is surprisingly human. She started her life as an infant but soon grew up into an adult who is as confused about life as a newborn. She hates long paragraphs so prefers to let her readers know about her through some pointers:

☛ She is a proud mudblood Slytherin who is often judged for the monotonous expression she always adorns.

☛ She does try to smile for some pictures and when she does, the smile looks as forced as the one in this picture.

☛ But she considers herself a funny person and takes pride in making people laugh around her.

☛ She does wonder if she’s delusional but hopefully she isn’t.

☛ Considering this picture she chose to display on her ‘about’ page, she ironically hates clicking selfies except when the over-exaggerated Snapchat filters make her look far more adorable than she really is (don’t forget, she’s a Slytherin).

☛She’s currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Clinical Dietetics with Nutrition which makes every third person she meets, ask her for a diet plan. Though, she doesn’t just love the connection between food and well being.

☛ Reading, writing, making art are just some of the other things she loves to do. Wondering where to pursue all her passions, she began wandering the streets of internet. The paint brushes always drew her to the canvas, the pencils always called her to the paper, the letters always drove her to the book and the love to be a human landed her in an urge to do something for this world–to give something back.

☛ She then decided to set up a blog with a need to voice out her opinions in the most respectful manner. Which in turn led to F A N N A being set up in November 2017.

☛ Apart from juggling all the things that make her happy, she is keen on loving things that she hates at first sight. For starters, talking about herself as a third person was one of her pet peeves but she’s currently more focused on finding the good in bad.

If you think Fanna can be fun to talk to or has something of yours that you want back, feel free to contact her.