The Currently Reading Tag

It's been months in fact, forever since I've done a reading tag and I think it's time to really up my game and respond to the tags I've been tagged in. So I'm starting with this really interesting and fun tag: The Currently Reading Tag and I was tagged by the lovely, LaRonda over at Flying Paperbacks; thank you … Continue reading The Currently Reading Tag


Realism In Fiction – A List of Little Details to Make Your Character Realistic [Part 2]

nd here's another list! Since my previous list of little details has been loved a lot during this past year on Tumblr, I thought I should add some more pointers to it. So here you go: add these traits and characteristics to make your babies more real through the pages.

From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon

Read my review of From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon as I give it a five-star rating. It's a young adult, romantic contemporary that has well developed characters and diversity through Indian-American voices. Also, there's a mini rant at the end of this review that can be an icing on the cake.


The holiday season is here and I want to sprinkle a little more happiness to the lives of the amazing writers--who survive on their readers' tears and spend hours staring at a blank document--by helping them make their manuscripts better! So I'm announcing a discount code on my beta reading service! And gifting away a free beta read! Enter the giveaway now!

Why Happiness Can Lead You To Peace

In this chaotic lifestyle, we keep wondering what peace would feel like. Is it all about silencing your mind and muting your thoughts? Is peace somehow related to silence? Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe peace is related to the happy chaos. What is happy chaos? There are two types of chaos. One, the chaotic chaos … Continue reading Why Happiness Can Lead You To Peace

The Three Stages of a Yearly Reading Goal

Fanna's back at it with a reading discussion even though this isn't a discussion post--it's a post for us reading goal-setters to collectively feel the guilt. Wondering what guilt I'm talking about? Oh, don't try to act innocent! We all know what the fate of a reading goal is and who's responsible for that fate. … Continue reading The Three Stages of a Yearly Reading Goal