Blog Tours are a great marketing tool in today’s virtual world and FANNA is always up for being a blog stop. A blog tour can work to attract intended audiences before or shortly after the release of a book. This blog serves for quality over quantity which is the sole reason for all blog tours posts on here to be accompanied by reviews and honest ones at that. In addition to reviews, exclusive excerpts, author interviews and guest posts can possibly be included.

Those who organise the tours provide me, with the prior permission of the author and publisher, a review copy well in advance and this fact is/will be disclosed clearly in the review and tour post. I very well understand the need to stray away from posting a negative review while the tour is going on but that works as another reason for this blog being selective as a host. I only sign up for tours that feature books I’m most confident in and I’m highly sure I would love to recommend.

This blog is also open to hosting a stop for an author trying to set up a blog tour by themselves. A well organized blog book tour can take some time and a lot of hard work, helping out an author who is keen on getting their craft known to the world is my way of giving back to this community. As already mentioned, a tour post on this blog will definitely be accompanied by an honest review; read more about my review policy here. Furthermore, exclusive excerpts, interviews, interesting stories of how the book was born or guest posts about the book/series/writing are welcomed.

All the details and content must be sent two weeks prior to the start of tour and a review copy must be made available (in digital .mobi form) four weeks before the hosting date. Requests must be sent via email and dates must be made clear at the start itself. No rescheduling will be supported. If the content or review copy doesn’t reach me early enough, all the commitments will be considered null and void. Sorry but professionalism can only work if it’s from both ends.

Primary content mainly includes a high-resolution cover, the official blurb, publishing date, publisher, genre, goodreads link, author bio, author links and buy links. All requests will certainly be responded to but not all requests will be accepted for varied reasons. 

Interested in marking FANNA as a blog tour stop? Contact me with the primary content.