Why Happiness Can Lead You To Peace

In this chaotic lifestyle, we keep wondering what peace would feel like. Is it all about silencing your mind and muting your thoughts? Is peace somehow related to silence? Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe peace is related to the happy chaos. What is happy chaos? There are two types of chaos. One, the chaotic chaos … Continue reading Why Happiness Can Lead You To Peace

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Should The Best Friend Be Ignored When The Love Interest Walks In? [Writing Help]

It was National Best Friends Day recently and what better way to celebrate than to help other writers understand how important their protagonist’s best friend is. Read to find out
five reasons why a best friend is a great secondary character for your main protagonist, especially in a romantic plot or subplot.

Interview – Ayla from BooksAndBabbles

Today we have, Ayla, an amazing writer, creative content maker, a talented photographer, and a reading enthusiast. Her beautiful book blog and bookstagram are a source of inspiration! Read all her thoughts and advise on quite a few topics.