Interview of the International is a series to highlight all the international (non-US particularly) voices across the community. Within a month of blogging, though I knew and felt supported, there were definitely instances and decisions, especially by renowned names or platforms that evidently didn’t consider the international contributors as important as the others. This series doesn’t act as a rebel program, or anything synonymous to that, but is simply a collection of thoughts, opinions and suggestions spoken by people who deserve a spotlight regardless of where they stay, have stayed or will stay. 

Marta – The Cursed Books [Romanian Book Blogger]

Min – Min And Her Books [Brazilian Book Blogger]

Naadhira – Legenbooksdary  [Malaysian Book Blogger]

Evelina – AvalinahsBooks [Lithuanian Book Blogger]

Maja – BookishAddicted [Danish Book Blogger]

Taiwo – StuffedShelves [Nigerian Book Blogger]

Ruby – RubysBooks [Italian Book Blogger]

Simant – FlippingThruThePages [Indian Book Blogger]

Ayla – BooksAndBabbles [Dutch Book Blogger]