Reviews are my way of appreciating the efforts that go into writing, editing and publishing a book.

I’m not hard to please but having read a large collection of books does work as a downfall to my reading experiences and more often than not, a story feels the same as any other. This fact will affect my rating.

Having said that, my reviews are solely for the readers and I don’t consider it decent to only throw my opinions in their face. If a book isn’t my cup of tea, I would still go a step further and search for an outlook that is opposite to my views. This would give me an idea of the perfect readers for that particular book and in turn, help me recommend it to the preferred audience.

Thus, FANNA does review books for the public but doesn’t suggest the recommendation to be influenced by the rating a book is given. In simple words, a book rated with 3 stars is possibly a four star for the reader who would genuinely enjoy it.

This blog is open to reviewing books published through any medium: traditional publishing, self-publishing or supported self-publishing. Furthermore, debut authors and diverse authors whose works I genuinely liked, will be definitely given more preference.

FANNA is currently open to reviewing requests. 

I’m open to reading anything and everything with a slightly more fondness towards Literary Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Mystery or Thrillers. As already mentioned, I’m usually up for any genre as long as the cover and blurb draw me in so don’t be afraid to send in a request even if your book doesn’t belong to the above-mentioned genres. Though I’m biased toward a Young Adult demographic, even New Adult and sometimes, Middle Grade.

Review copies are currently preferred as physical books, though a digital .mobi file would be accepted too. However, .epub or PDF files would be accepted in rare cases and of course, physical review copies will be bumped up the queue. My review slots are always usually filled for six months. Please only send me an email if your deadline is falling on my empty review slots.

I respond to each and every request, regardless of acceptance or rejection. Which means, I do reserve the right to refuse. Though, life and academic responsibilities might take most of my time so responses might delay but a response is guaranteed. A commitment will be fulfilled if given, but a fixed date of publishing the review will not be agreed upon. I’ve received a book from you so a review is bound to follow. If the book is an ARC and a review demands to be posted before the publication date, the book must be received at least 7 weeks before the day it goes out. If that doesn’t happen, a rescheduling is not possible. A review will then be posted as and when time permits. Again, a review will assuredly be posted.

Sometimes I write my take on a book in a long detailed manner while a few mini reviews will be bunched together as a batch for faster and organized reviewing. Reviews will include the cover, official blurb, author links, Goodreads link and links to buy the book. This will be the first part of any review no matter the type. To not let any doubt remain, let me make this clear enough: The type of review for a book is my personal choice and will not be influenced or decided by the source of the book. 

I abominate the very idea of being unnecessarily mean in the name of being honest; however, I’m not afraid of being straightforward while expressing my thoughts. In addition to my general opinion about the reading experience, the reviews will also consist of a critical take on word building, grammar, character development and the overall plot of the story. Occasionally, a little spice of sarcasm and frequent swear words can be expected though they will, in no way, let down the constructiveness of a criticism. For a better idea, I would advise you to go through a few of my reviews to get a sense of my tone and voice.

It is possible in some cases for a book to go along the DNF (did-not-finish) highway and in such a circumstance, no rating will be given and the book will undoubtedly be a part of the mini-reviews batch.

Once I’ve finished reading and reviewing a copy sent for reviewing purpose, the digital copies will be deleted instantly and the hard copies will either be donated or given to a fellow blogger. However, any of the above possibilities will be attempted only and only upon the permission of the author or source.

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Disclosure according to the FTC guidelines for blogging and endorsements:

I do not let my personal opinions influence the book review. If an author is the best human I’ve ever met, their book isn’t necessarily the best I’ve ever read. I only and only review the books, not the author. If I’ve received the copy as a part of a giveaway, a blog tour or an ARC, it will be clearly stated at the start of the review. At times, I may receive free books as a part of a reading deal or through sites like BookBub/RivetedLit. None of that will influence the rating or review of the particular book. I do not charge any monetary compensation for posting the reviews online. Apart from this blog, a similar review will be posted on GoodReads and Amazon, i.e., if the book is posted on these sites.