Five Reasons Why Bookish Pictures Are A Great Way To Show Your Love For Books || Bookstgaram 101 – Post 1

The Bookstagram 101 series is finally here! I’ve been meaning to put together all these thoughts, tips, and advises for everyone who already has a bookstagram as well as for those who are looking into starting one. And the first post is all about an introduction to bookstagram aka ‘an Instagram post about books’.


Five Fun & Amazing Content Ideas For Your Book Blog || Get Out Of The Blogging Slump Without Much Effort

Ever found yourself in a blogging slump? That weird time window where everything looks fun to read and be inspired from but nothing motivates you enough to actually create and post is the worst. It can make any blogging task seem too much of a work rather than something you do out of passion or happiness. And we absolutely don’t want that. So here’s a list of easy to write or create ideas to come up with some fresh content for your book blog!