8 Reasons Why Crier’s War By Nina Varela Is The Perfect Book For Game Of Thrones & Westworld Fans || Read This YA Queer Science-Fiction Fantasy Now!

Game of Thrones and Westworld fans would be delighted to read Crier’s War by Nina Varela—a YA queer science-fiction fantasy book. Here are 8 reasons to pick it up right now if the themes and characters of Game of Thrones & Westworld appealed to you.


Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston || 5 Stars To A Gay Prince And A Bisexual First Son Falling In Love

Red, White & Royal Blue is a new adult novel that gives you everything one might love:

✔ hate turning to love in the purest possible way
✔ a royal descendant and son of the president falling in love
✔ dating away from everyone’s eyes
✔ sexual diversity
✔ individuality exploration
✔ personal and relationship growth through every page
✔ a squad to join
✔ fun banter