20 Novels Releasing in 2019 That Will Make You Overuse The Hashtags For Cover Love

So many gorgeous covers! 2019 is almost upon us and publishers and authors have already announced the releases of numerous titles that are not only interesting but even stunning. These twenty covers make me forget everything about 'don't judge a book by its cover' because why not--these book covers are getting full marks! THE CANDLE AND THE … Continue reading 20 Novels Releasing in 2019 That Will Make You Overuse The Hashtags For Cover Love


Realism In Fiction – A List of Little Details to Make Your Character Realistic [Part 2]

nd here's another list! Since my previous list of little details has been loved a lot during this past year on Tumblr, I thought I should add some more pointers to it. So here you go: add these traits and characteristics to make your babies more real through the pages.

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Should The Best Friend Be Ignored When The Love Interest Walks In? [Writing Help]

It was National Best Friends Day recently and what better way to celebrate than to help other writers understand how important their protagonist’s best friend is. Read to find out
five reasons why a best friend is a great secondary character for your main protagonist, especially in a romantic plot or subplot.

3 Reasons Why Reading Romance Books Is A Great Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

It’s February, the month of love, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Read to find out three reasons why reading romance books is a great way to celebrate this day! Also, there's a mention of book boyfriends...so that should be compelling enough.