5 Steps To Build A Jerk’s Character Arc

Read to find out the five-step process for crafting a jerk's character arc in your novel in progress. A jerk protagonist who starts off with the bad vibes, but glows at the end with goodness.


Book Review – The Dream Sifter by Candice Bundy

The Dream Sifter is an original engaging mixture of science fiction and fantasy with the characters propelling the plot. I loved this. I'd finished reading this a few days ago but strayed away from posting a review because if I would've attempted praising it the minute I'd turned the last page, this review would've consisted … Continue reading Book Review – The Dream Sifter by Candice Bundy

NaNoWriMo Day 12

Time: Evening Place: Restaurant Medium: Pen & Paper Word Count: 897 Total Word Count: 18,250 Highlight: Cute Scene Written! Best Bit: “Actually, I was wondering what to gift you on your birthday.” He mumbled in a low voice but the silent streets echoed even the heartbeats--his was definitely beating faster. “Why do you want to gift … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Day 12

Dark Side of Sunset Pointe

Dark Side Of Sunset Pointe is a murder mystery sprinkled with some paranormal bits and topped with a real character—a delight. Lance Underphal, a widower, decided there’s nothing left for him to do apart from being a talented, lazy photographer without an ambition. His life seemed like it had stopped, nothing and no one motivating … Continue reading Dark Side of Sunset Pointe