NaNoWriMo Day 12

Time: Evening Place: Restaurant Medium: Pen & Paper Word Count: 897 Total Word Count: 18,250 Highlight: Cute Scene Written! Best Bit: “Actually, I was wondering what to gift you on your birthday.” He mumbled in a low voice but the silent streets echoed even the heartbeats--his was definitely beating faster. “Why do you want to gift … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Day 12


Closer Than Yesterday by S.W. Frontz

Title: Closer Than Yesterday Author: S.W. Frontz  Genre: Romantic Suspense Copy: Digital Rating: 1.5/5 Purchase via Amazon    Synopsis: Samantha Patrick's cousin Sarah has lived with an abusive husband for thirty years. After a brutal attack she finally finds the courage to leave.  Sarah goes to Land's End looking for safety and comfort with her … Continue reading Closer Than Yesterday by S.W. Frontz

Dark Side of Sunset Pointe

Dark Side Of Sunset Pointe is a murder mystery sprinkled with some paranormal bits and topped with a real character—a delight. Lance Underphal, a widower, decided there’s nothing left for him to do apart from being a talented, lazy photographer without an ambition. His life seemed like it had stopped, nothing and no one motivating … Continue reading Dark Side of Sunset Pointe

Nothing’s Fair

This is a short story with a single dialogue, following a twenty-five year old woman riding her cycle amidst all her emotional tornadoes. Word count: 970 Target audience: Anybody who can feel Warning: Don’t expect the usual humor I attempt to write It wasn’t raining. It was a bright summer day, in fact. But my … Continue reading Nothing’s Fair