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Has your manuscript been edited? Want to know how it will be received by the readers? I offer my opinions as a reader and give creative input to better your story! Order now for a base price of $1/1000 words and receive a discount for your next story or revision. Slots for December 2018 are currently open.

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Have a manuscript you want to polish with some proofreading, content suggestions, and rewriting? I offer exactly that and so much more! Order now for a base price of $0.007/word and receive a discount for your next round of revision. Slots are currently open for January 2019. 

Have the first or second draft of your story ready? Hire me as your line editor and get your manuscript developed line-by-line. Everything from structuring of the scenes to development of voice, characters, and POV will be assessed and improved while keeping the vision intact. Order now for a base price of $0.004/word. Slots are currently open for December 2018.

Want your manuscript to be clean and polished? Hire me as your proofreader to eliminate all the grammatical and technical, writing-related errors int your manuscript. Order now for a base price of $0.002/word. Slots are currently open for December 2018. 

Worried your story might not be representing the representation in the best of ways? Maybe you’ve missed some stereotypes or completely misinterpreted that particular category of humans. Don’t worry, I can point out these mistakes and help you bring your best story into the world. Slots are currently open for December 2018 and you can order now for a base price of $0.025/word. 

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FANNA is currently open to possible networking strategies like collaborations, guest posts, interviews, sponsored posts and any other probable programs. For any inquiry or pitching, kindly send an email toĀ 

If you’re looking to send a review copy of your work to me, please read my review policy first. If you’re thinking of marking this blog as a stop in a blog tour, please read my blog tour policy first. I do offer services like digital art commissions, beta reading, editing and proofreading. If you wish to discuss custom quotes about these, send me an email first or simply fill out the forms on the respective pages. We can also work together for sponsored posts, guest posts, or affiliate marketing. These are currently being set up so thank you for your patience.

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